As a guest of studio, we kindly ask that you respect the following guidelines::

  • All students must be 18+.
  • Please be aware of & respect our cancellation & late policy, seen below….exceptions cannot be made.
  • No rings or bracelets when dancing on the poles please.  No sharp or large buckles or metal on shoes please.  It is suggested that you don’t wear any jewelry at the studio, although we realize that some pieces are difficult to remove.
  • Please do not interrupt an instructor or class in session. You are welcome to discretely move through the studio to use our changing area while a class is in session.
  • Please arrive AT LEAST 10 minutes prior to the start of class, especially if it is your first time attending Tease Studio…pay close attention to our late arrival policy below.
  • The studio facilities (waiting rooms, locker rooms & bathrooms) are available to you 15 min prior to class start time.
  • Please check-in for your class prior to participating, presenting your last name for our desk staff to check you in.
  • Please listen when the instructor is addressing the group.
  • There are no pets or children allowed in Tease-Studio.
  • We will gladly share the use of our yoga mats with you during class, but ask that you please spray down both sides before putting the mat away in order to ensure cleanliness for your future use and fellow teasers.
  • From time to time, classes will have substitute teachers.  We will announce substitute information as soon as possible.  Please be respectful of substitutes, knowing that they have been specifically chosen & prepped by your regular instructor.


Pole Class Guidelines:

  • Please respect all “levels” set by Tease Studio for your safety and ultimate pole instruction experience.  All new students must start with “Pole Technique Level 1″ and all students need instructor permission to move to a different level, upon mastering each movement of the current level.  If you arrive for a class that you are not ready to attend, our reception staff will help you to reschedule.
  • Please do not wear any lotion during the day you are taking a pole class. Moisturizer makes the poles very slippery and builds up a residue that makes it difficult for you and your fellow students to work with.
  • You must have an instructor, NOT ANOTHER STUDENT show you new pole dance technique and be present while you are first attempting any new tricks.  Pole technique at Tease Studio is instructed in a very specific and regimented order so that proper technique and pole dance safety will be followed.
  • Our pole equipment has a weight maximum of 225 pounds, set by the manufacturer.  For safety reasons,  we ask that you please not participate in pole class if you are over this weight limit.  The poles can also take up to only a certain amount of torque or force –  we reserve the right to address this issue,  by asking you to  use less force as you are spinning, or remove you from class.  Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this policy.
  • Please do not attempt to instruct your fellow students with current or new movements. Our instructors are trained & certified professionals in their form of dance/fitness and it is important for everyone’s safety that this rule is respected.  If you are seen instructing another student, you will be asked to stop or to leave class.
  • While first attempting any climbing or inversions, an instructor must be present to spot you.


Tease Studio Cancellation, Late Arrival & Transfer Policies

Refunds are not made once class/privates/parties/retail have been purchased.

Cancellation Policy

Due to our class size limits and in order to be fair to your fellow students, we kindly ask that you cancel/reschedule a class at least 12 HOURS PRIOR to start time in order to keep the credit for your class if you are unable to attend.  If you do not cancel within this period or if you are a no-show to the class, you will lose the class, as if you had attended (drop ins will lose the drop in purchased, punch card holders will lose the punch,etc.)  unlimited package holders will be charged a $10 fee to credit card on file per class missed .  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Late Policy

If you are not present when a full class starts and there is a client waiting for a spot, your position will be surrendered and you will lose your class/be charged a late cancel charge.

IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE for a class, PLEASE make sure to call the studio at 303-898-0535 before the class starts to let us know so that we can hold your spot.


Tease Studio classes and packages are non transferrable and packages may not be shared between clients.
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