april 2013 instructor of the month :: whitney




when did your own personal love of health & fitness begin?  what inspired you to pass it on to others? ::

my own personal love of health and fitness began when I was about 8. i started playing football with the neighbor boys, which blossomed my love for sports. not until I got hurt in 8th grade, breaking my hip, did I really start to pay attention to form and how to do things correctly so as to not get hurt. as the years progressed and i learned more about my body, and what i was doing wrong, i started seeing others do it to. with a few suggestions to friends, and their raving feedback, i was hooked on helping people. when i moved to colorado in 2007 i started doing yoga for my hip. it was really hurting and no doctor could help me… that is when my love of passing it onto others flourished. i really got into yoga and personal health and fitness and over the past year, i worked on learning and getting my certifications to really help people. now it is my joy, passion, and full time job to spread the love of health and wellness.

you have had a BUSY year, studying and getting your personal training certificate AND reaching your goal of replacing your full time job with teaching fitness classes – are you loving life right now? ::

YES! i am truly loving life! now i have more time to explore new classes to bring to people and new and FUN ways to help people reach their health and wellness goals.lLife ALWAYS works out the way it’s supposed to.

what is your most FAVORITE class to teach? ::

BUTI hands down. i LOVE doing the class AND teaching it. it is a fun way to get people into yoga and out of their comfort zones. i love what it has done for my body and others!

what kind of other fitness classes would you like to try in the future? ::

i am excited to bring XY to tease. i have a few others i am thinking for the future, but would like to learn from estee and take her flexi classes.

what is your personal favorite kind of class to take as a student? ::

a crazy bootcamp class where i can barely see because there is so much sweat dripping from my forehead.

what are some songs you love to jam to when you’re working out? ::

i am a fan of girl talk when i have an intense workout coming, but if i am going out for a run, i like the jamminess of STS9.

what is your favorite local restaurant? ::

that is a TOUGH question! there are so many great ones to choose from, but one i keep returning to is steuben’s. LOVE me some diner food!

whitney’s favorite quote that has been helped her get through rough transitions in my life: ”you have three choices in life. give up. give in. or give it your all. so remember that falling down is part of life and picking yourself up is part of living!”  …we love this girl.


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