december 2012 instructor of the month :: jenna




jenna has been pole dancing since 2006 and falls more and more in love with it everyday. pole dance has absolutely changed her life. she has never been more strong and flexible than she is today. jenna has been teaching pole dance for 5 years, and she LOVES her students. her favorite thing about teaching is when she sees a student realize how sexy, beautiful,and strong they are, and to be there when they nail that trick that they have been working on for months. she is also studying to be a physical therapist assistant – she incorporates what she has learned about the body into teaching pole for injury prevention. she loves teaching, and she is passionate about educating people about what pole dancing is really all about!


how did you know you were addicted to pole dancing? ::

i knew i was addicted to pole dancing 5 years ago, when i lived in in Westminster and would drive an hour everyday to get my fix!! nothing has changed, still as addicted as ever:)

you have been teaching as a member of team tease longer than any other instructor on staff!  how have you seen tease grow? ::

i remember the first tease studio location, we only had 4 poles and the space was so small! but was perfect for that time because we only had about 1-2 students per class! i cannot believe how tease, and our long-term students have grown! i am so blessed to be able watch the pole community grow and evolve.

you have had an exciting fall & upcoming winter – TELL US what is going on in your personal life! ::

i just finished school last week! i am now a physical therapists assistant, and can’t wait to start working! i have my board exams next month then it will be official. i will be celebrating my graduation by taking a trip to columbia in january!

what trick are you currently working on? ::

right now I don’t have a trick I’m working on. i haven’t had much time to train, but i am finally able to breathe again and excited to work on some pole tricks for myself! i do want to try the Fonji and the death lay next though!

favorite song to dance to? ::

i don’t really have a favorite song, it changes all the time. right now i’m loving lana del rey and the weeknd. slow and sexy songs are my favorite songs to dance to.

teasers love you for you beautiful unique dance style.  who are your pole idols? ::

i have so many pole idols! i love watching all their different styles and gaining something new from each dancer! i am obsessed with floorwork, so i tend to watch a lot of alethea’s videos.

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