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my name is nicole. i am brand new to tease and a newbie in the world of pole fitness. unfortunately i don’t have much of a dance background (a year or two of dance classes as a child and some awkward party moves is it for me!), but i have been an athlete all my life. i am very interested in the fitness world and have been recently turned on to pole fitness. i’m currently a journalism student at metro state, and my emphasis is in public relations. i will be around the studio and occasionally at the front desk working as “the intern.” please let me know if you have any questions, story ideas or things/events you would like to see or be apart of. i am really excited about this opportunity and am looking forward to getting to know the tease community.

in preparation for tease studio’s six year anniversary i recently sat down with jen and asked her a few questions about tease studio’s past, present and future. here is what she had to say ::


tease studio owner jen


q :: tease is about to celebrate it’s six year anniversary, what would you say has been the studio’s biggest accomplishment so far?

jen :: the amount of lives we’ve touched. for sure. what an incredible community. i’ve been really kind of taking that all in lately, because it’s a big deal. it has always been the driving force behind the energy that i put into tease, but after some recent personal events, it really serves as my complete inspiration behind tease.

q :: do you mind sharing that personal event and how it has inspired you?

jen :: sure. recently, walt and i had a great friend – someone extremely close to him – pass away. his name was tanner. tanner was probably the most driven and positive person i have ever known. he never once, through any of the unbelievable things he went through complained. i don’t have the ability to put into words how PRESENT and driven this young adult was. he has literally inspired thousands of people. he touched our lives so much that we dedicated the dj academy to tanner in an effort to continue to inspire everyone who walks through that door.

as i sat with walt at tanner’s wake, supporting him and mourning for our loss, i really had a lot come over me, causing me to truly re-evaluate things for myself and my family. one thing was a refreshment of the excitement that i have for tease. i literally saw all of my clients’ faces flash through my mind. i felt a great need to know their stories better. tease is SO much more than a gym, it is more than just a place to burn some calories. every single person who walks through the door of tease is changed by the time they walk out after their first class. you can see it in the way they carry themselves when leaving class. we have a very divine and supportive community and it’s extremely uncommon. as we enter our sixth year, i am feeling very refreshed by my own personal reason why i opened tease and why i continue doing what i do day-in and day-out. our mission here at tease also drives me. i am so excited to make sure that tease is one of the most fantastic parts of our clients’ lives, i want their time here to be life changing. i cannot wait to learn our clients’ stories better.

q :: what else inspires you?

jen :: i’m also extremely inspired by my staff (do I not have the best team on earth?!) and i’m excited, going into our 6th year, that working at tease is not only their favorite job and part of their lives…but a path leading them to making their own personal dreams come true.

*you can read Tanner’s story here: .

q :: what was the initial motivation behind opening your own studio?

jen :: creating tease was for me the dream to give other women the chance to experience the love of this dance style and community that i felt so blessed to have experienced.

q :: how and when did you get involved with pole fitness?

jen :: i took my first pole fitness class in early 2001. eek, that’s so long ago isn’t it?! i was a classical ballet dancer pursuing ballet on a professional level for the majority of my life. when i changed course, i became a little lost about what i wanted to do. i had heard of pole classes and was always intrigued with the idea, it sounded fun for me. when i finally got the guts to take a class, it took me 3 months, i was HOOKED. it spoke to me. there was nothing like it. i felt the same energy in the studio that i had as a child when i danced. i was amazed at the sense of confidence it gave me. it completely changed my life.

q :: what has been one of your favorite tease moments?

jen :: ahh there have been so many cool moments. the growth into two new incredible spaces over the past six years – although i still haven’t fully sat back and enjoyed this new space, it’s been an EXHAUSTING year opening it. seeing the community come together for so many awe-inspiring events is amazing too. one of my favorites, though has been a recent quiet moment. a client sent a letter disclosing everything, letting us know how tease gave her a reason to live. it justified every piece of myself that i have ever given to tease.

q :: how does the tease studio differ today from when you first opened?

jen :: oh if you could have seen! when i first opened tease, it was a small 800 sq foot studio. one room with four poles and only me teaching classes for the first year. i worked my booty off working a 9-5 and teaching three classes a night after work. then i would go home and work on the back end of the business until two or three in the morning. pole fitness was so different those days too…when we would tell someone what we did for fitness we would get “the look” (these days, the response is “oh my mom does pole!”) but you know…the paint color was the same, the style was the same. most importantly, the concept has always been the exact same – to give women the ability to love their workout and be a part of an incredible and life-changing community. the energy of the studio – the feeling you get when you walk in, leave any troubles outside the door and enter a community of pure support, acceptance and encouragement is something that will always be my priority no matter the direction we grow.

q :: are there any new classes in the works you are excited to introduce to tease?

jen :: one of my concepts behind tease is to always remain on the brink of fitness trends. we love to offer our own unique twist on any class/fitness style that speaks to us.

i’m really excited for the introduction of our new pole curriculum. i’ve been working hard alongside our pole staff in order to really grow our pole fitness program and we are ecstatic for what we’ve come up with! it’s completely cutting edge and will be offering a TON more in each of our levels – it’s going to really challenge our students.

q :: what are some of your goals for the studio for the rest of this year and 2014? how about within the next four years?

jen :: i’m still uncovering from our move! kidding, i’ve always got something in the works! right now, we’re really enjoying this space. we are looking forward to growing our daytime class schedule over the next year. one of our biggest focuses at this point is to make tease a destination for daytime fitness.

i have a license program for the tease concept and that is definitely the direction that i’m moving with it – i’m excited to pass on my knowledge and experience to other driven individuals serious about taking the leap and creating their own version of tease in our area and different areas throughout the country. our license is really unique in the sense that it allows studio owners to put their own twist on their studio (or be a duplication of my version of tease if they prefer!) and i can’t wait to see our concept grow to numerous locations throughout the next four years!

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