june 2013 instructor of the month :: marquette




when did you become addicted to dance? ::

like most 80′s babies, movies like flashdance, footloose & dirty dancing definitely influenced my dancing.  my mom used to teach dance aerobics and would use all the soundtracks to these movies.  i would sit in the corner and re-enact every scene at 6 years old.

what is your FAVORITE style of dance? ::

my favorite style of dance is urban jazz.  urban jazz is a mixture of jazz, hip-hop, and a touch of sassy burlesque thrown in.  the more girly the style, the more i love it!

you have your own dance company!  tell us about it! ::

i started my own company, Rouge Co. this past year with two friends of mine.  we had our debut show in april that sold out both nights.  we currently have 17 of the most talented dancers in denver dancing with us.  although we do a bit of everything, our show is most based of contemporary with a touch of jazz, hip hop and burlesque.

you are a mom to an adorable boy…does he have your dancing gene? ::

i have a 9 year old son named harlem.  he does love to dance.  i would definitely say that he got his flare of the dramatics from me when it comes to acting, singing and dancing.  he goes to rehearsals with me and is pretty much over dancers.  he isn’t easily impressed and loves to tell me what i need to work on.  he is always willing to jump out on stage and start break dancing.  let’s just say like mother, like son – we are extroverts for sure.  him and i are always the first ones to jump into a free style dance circle.

favorite thing to do in denver when you’re not in the studio?::

when i’m not in the studio, i love hanging downtown and bicycling.  every summer i do what’s called a fun calendar.  i include any and everything that i want to do in the mountains as well as cool summer events going on in the metro area.  every summer my friends wait for the fun calendar and it’s become a tradition among us.  it’s basically a guarantee that our summer is booked with mayhem and fun.  if we have nothing planned for that day, you will find me tubing down a river.

what is a goal that you have with your dancing? ::

my goal is to never stop.  i have had so many amazing opportunities and i adore my company.  i love making a dancer out of someone who says they can’t dance, doing choreography & performing.  as i get older i realize that i get hired for my gigs not for my amazing technique or because i’m the best dancer…i get booked because i love every moment of it.  i received the best compliment after my show this past april.  a woman came up to me and said “you really like to dance, don’t you?”  i think that had to be the best compliment ever.  i think that when you see someone dance and you can tell they love it, you feel it.  as a dancer, if you get that across, you have done your job.

marquette is launching pussycat style fitness TOMORROW (thursday june 6th) at 5:15pm!


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