may 2013 instructor of the month :: jillian




when did you first begin dancing?  do you remember your first feeling of being addicted to dance? ::

my mom will tell you that i’ve been a dancer my whole life!  but i seriously started training in ballet when i was ten.

i remember when i first fell really hard for ballet.  i was obsessed and particularly obsessed with pointe shoes. my whole world was ballet!  and the second time i fell for a genre was after my first pole class.  i was at the studio every day i could be and was completely addicted to it.  it was love!

favorite style of dance? ::

pole!  but i also really love a fusion of styles like what you see on ‘so you think you can dance’.  and of course ballet.

you have such a unique style with your dancing…what inspires it? ::

i guess what inspires me is my background combined with the athleticism of pole.  i like to think of the pole as an extra accessory that allows you to move your weight around in ways impossible to on the ground.  i love watching pole when it is equal parts dance and drama.

what is your favorite thing about the world of pole dancing? ::

the constant evolution of the art.  there’s absolute freedom in it and always something more you can learn and add.

45mm or 50mm?  spin or static? ::

i like the 50mm a little more and i get more joy out of spin pole, but both are great!

what are some of your personal goals with pole dancing? ::

personally, i’d love to compete in the next couple of years, continue to grow as an instructor and add to my knowledge base, and then eventually combine pole with my dance therapy practice.

what is your favorite genre of music to dance to?::

pretty much anything that has soul and a good beat.  jazz, electronic and rock mostly though.

jillian’s launching some NEW fantastic classes at tease this month including just dance cardio pole, pure flex & a partners workshop!

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