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presenting to you our NEWEST instructor to the team, jessica.  we have a total girl crush on this gal!

after many years of extensive training in ballet, tap, hip-hop, and contemporary, jessica has been blessed with many amazing opportunities and awards. in her competition days, she was named runner-up national miss showbiz, denver icon of the year, and west coast dance explosion senior miss, in addition to winning a contract with ddo agency in los angeles. after graduating from pomona hs, she moved to los angeles and worked as a professional dancer in television, film and stage. her credits include: trace adkins “ladies love country boys,” brooks and dunn “hillbilly deluxe,” lmfao party rock anthem,” rush hour 3, disney’s antfarm, and live stage shows for many different events, concerts, and performances. she was also an la laker girl and lakers tv host for the 07-08 season.

we are in awe of your dance background! when did you begin dancing and how did you know you were addicted? ::

i began dancing “officially” when i was eight years old (after my mother realized it was pointless to make me try anything else!), but i was spinning around the kitchen long before that.  as i got older, i spent an increasing amount of hours at the studio and by the time i was in hs i hardly ever left.  it was then that i knew i was utterly addicted!  when you’re a senior in hs and you want to spend your friday nights dancing in an empty studio, you know you’ve got a problem!

you have danced in a ton of music videos and on stage in so many shows and concerts…any dancer’s dream!…what was your all time favorite music video to dance in? concert? ::

favorite music video – party rock anthem.  hands down.  it was a shuffle party all day long (which is saying something for a 15 hour day!), and everyone there was outgoing, high-energy, and hilarious; from the make-up team to the camera crew.  also, i got to dance on the hood of a car for a good portion of the day, which had always been a little dream of mine!  my favorite concert was actually one of the smaller ones i did, for max vangeli.  he is an electro/dance dj and dancing behind him with all that energy and happiness flowing from the crowd was just unreal!!

favorite experience as a lakers girl? ::

every time we got to perform on the court. there were a few other exciting events that we got to participate in, but for me none of them beat dancing all out for an entire stadium. they call it the “lake-show”  for a reason; the court is spotlighted and the crowd lights dimmed so you feel like you’re at a performance more than a game, and then of course jack nicholson is always there courtside to cheer you on.

favorite all time style of dance? ::

that’s an impossible one to answer! it relies entirely on my mood for the day, which is precisely why I am so in love with dance. it magically fits whatever emotion you want it to. contemporary probably has my heart, but…give me boots and a killer beat and I can strut away any problem in the world!

what brought you back home to colorado? ::

it was a million small things, but i always knew i wanted to come back to denver, so when i got that “time to leave” feeling i went with it! i love the people, energy, and attitude of denver, and am excited to start another chapter of life here.

what is one of your long-term goals? ::

one thing that is really important to me is getting a degree, so that’s first on the list. i have about 2.5 years to go, so after that hopefully i’ll have a more specific long term goal set. i know i want dance to be a part of my life forever, but i really satisfied all of my initial dance dreams in los angeles and am ready for a new adventure! all I know so far is that i want to have a family, make a small difference, and leave people better off for knowing me. :)

want to take a short party break?  check out jessica in LMFAO’s party rock anthem HERE!

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