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we’re excited to begin featuring a team tease instructor each month so that you can get to know the people behind your favorite classes even better.

fresh off of an INSANE amount of summer massive EDM shows & tours (and back to classes at tease again this fall!), this month we’re introducing you to team ez HEAT workout’s (gogo fitness) creator & instructor MsEasy ::

you are an idolized dancer in denver and in the EDM scene throughout the world.  what is your dance background? ::

growing up in a blue collar midwestern family didn’t enable me to take dance classes at an early age.  with the insatiable urge to dance i began dancing on the street & learned a very unique style that was adapted from hip hop and popular media.  as a young adult, i put myself in dance classes studying nearly all types but consistently go back to my underground roots.  i have since been asked to teach “freestyle” dance classes in dance academies nationally & travel the nation teaching this unique style i’ve developed from all genres in my own workshops.

where does your stage/professional name “MsEasy” come from? ::

i became the recognizable “Ez Girl” after performing in various cities during my teen years wearing a shirt donning the car salesman slogan “I’m Easy”.  when people didn’t know my real name they began to refer to me as this & it just stuck.  easy does it…easy like a sunday morning…it’s just easy to use!

favorite style of music to dance to?  favorite style of music to listen to when you’re not working? ::

my all time favorite genres of music to dance to are drum n bass, breaks & rock/industrial.  when i’m not at work i listen to post rock, shoegaze & downtempo.

favorite artist you’ve ever taken the stage with? ::

it’s definitely been exciting to work alongside famous musicians like motorhead & tommy lee.  in the EDM genre performing alongside legends like ritchie hawtin & moby really take the cake.

you just returned from a summer of an incredible amount of touring massive events – how many events did you dance for?  which was your fav? ::

i begin to lose track of the amount of events that i have “recently” done.  since around march i have toured performing in as many as two cities per week.  life on the road moves fast!  my favorite shows of this season were electric daisy carnival new york, lowlands festival amsterdam, edc puerto rico & nocturnal los angeles.

you travel the world with your career – where is the coolest place on earth your dancing has ever brought you? ::

i’ve been honored to have the chance to perform abroad.  my favorite places to perform have been tokyo & france.  i am a featured dancer for the tokyo decadence events that are based in tokyo but tour to many other countries.  we did a collaboration show in france at the famous cabaret sauvage last year which was one of my all time favorites!  i also had the chance to perform in amsterdam this summer at the lowlands festival which was an amazing experience as well.

MsEasy’s “team ez HEAT workout (gogo fitness)” class is held every monday evening in the dance fit space of tease studio at 7:35.
locally, MsEasy and her “team ez” dancers can be caught performing at their weekly residency at denver’s club beta.  they will also be featured dancers at the following local upcoming EDM events: hallowfreeknween, decadence nye.
MsEasy & team ez are featured on MTV’s “made” (season 12 episode 3) airing TODAY october 11, 2012 at 3pm mst.


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