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we’re excited to share some diet”teases” from our guest blogger, certified nutritionist & author of fat is not a four letter word - julie hammerstein ::

i’ve been coaching weight-loss clients for nearly 14 years, and one of the biggest frustrations people face with their ‘diet resolutions’ is feeling deprived. sure, everyone can learn to eat and enjoy healthy, wholesome foods, but is that what life’s all about? not in my world. i believe food is not only about providing fuel and sustaining good health, but it’s also about celebration, connecting with others, and embracing the pleasures that life affords. in fact, i build what you’d call “healthier cheats” into my meal plans so that people can learn to enjoy favorite foods in moderation. when you powerfully choose to “cheat” (and i’d encourage you to call it “indulge”), you give food less power over your choices and you will opt for balance. curious about what these pleasure-foods could look like for you? here are just a few ideas:

1)  tired of veggies and hummus? satisfy your cravings for savory crunch with a snack like popchips. with all the flavor and 1/2 the fat of typical fried chips and naturally delicious ingredients, you can afford to enjoy a handful every now and then with your favorite snack-dip.  hungry for more?  popchips single serve bags only contain 100-120 calories!

2)  meet your sweet tooth with a couple small squares of dark chocolate. this can be incredibly satisfying, and because the dark varieties are lower in sugar, they won’t send your body into a spin leading to more cravings for sugar.

3)  enjoy full-fat dairy like sour cream as a condiment and/or cream for your coffee or tea. when you compare labels, you’ll see that the non-fat varieties are loaded with chemicals and preservatives, and you’re only saving about 10-15 calories. be mindful of serving sizes so that you can savor the experience while still being conscious of caloric intake.

4)  consider your relationship with alcohol. if you have a hard time limiting your intake to one glass, then skip it for a bit until you start to see your desired results. if you can enjoy a glass of wine (or other beverage) without overdoing it, then choose this over the bread or dessert when eating out. if you’re not a drinker, then enjoy the dessert or the bread at a dinner-out, but not both. this way you can choose which carbohydrate you’d like, while still making balanced choices that support healthy blood sugar and metabolism.

see how this works? what happens is that people get caught in the dieting mentality that says, “you need more willpower and eating right equals deprivation”. when you learn to embrace the foods you love, while recognizing you can’t eat them all the time, you’ll have more opportunity to succeed and build healthy eating habits for a lifetime.

about julie ::


i’m a Certified Nutritionist and the author of Fat Is Not a Four-Letter Word, which a book about dispelling the myths and re-training our brain and our bodies to have a new relationship to food, dieting, our bodies, exercise, and overall health and wellness. i am also the Director of the source for weight loss - a weight loss program deeply rooted in personal development that teaches you how to love yourself, embrace your body, celebrate food and thrive in life. you can also visit my website at www.juliehammerstein.com for more information about me and my resources, etc.

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