7.21.11 – Some Inspiration

In Awe.

I’ve been so excited to blog this week about one of my newest inspirations.  As we’re approaching 4 YEARS of tease…and just because I love to keep things fresh, I am constantly observing my surroundings for inspiration.  After an impromptu super quick trip to Las Vegas last week, I’m excited to return starry eyed and artistically inspired from the scene – and in particular, from having the pleasure of catching a gorgeous show.

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse (formerly La Femme), the MGM Grand Show direct from the Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris literally kept a 5 1/2 month pregnant woman wide-eyed in her seat during a time period which would have normally meant several bathroom breaks.

The show was originally created by Alain Bernardin in 1951.  An amateur artist, Bernardin set out to create a show that was more striking than the traditional American striptease and yet acceptable to a wide audience. Playing with both light and color projected on the women he experimented with numerous light variations.

The show today combines the talents of international dancers – one of the most technically PERFECT group of ballet trained dancers I have ever seen on stage together (this coming from a ballet connoisseur, frequent to performances by New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Boston Ballet, Pacific NorthWest Ballet, Royal Ballet, etc – the greats), performing the most clean and concise variation of burlesque I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing to date.

The artistic lighting – both astounding and fresh.  The dancers – aesthetically  pleasing in their perfectly coordinated body types and perfection to detail.  The music – both classic and hip with a lounge yet trip hop feel.  The show is comprised of about 15 various acts.  Some group pieces and some solo work.  Each has its own distinct flavor while keeping the sexy Paris burlesque feel consistent.

Now…to Tease It.

This stunning visual effect left me overflowing with inspiration in so many different directions…classes which inspire nothing less than pure technical perfection; tease students feeling confident showcasing their capturing stage presence which easily changes from one character interpretation to another; new ideas surrounding movements and class concepts as well as visual props and effects displayed during showcases.

So, teasers.  Expect to see my new-found inspiration sprinkled throughout the studio as we enter our 4th year.  If I can communicate my new visions even slightly…you’re all in for a total treat.

Be My Guest

Checkout some inspiration and clips from the Crazy Horse show.


xo, Jen

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