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behind the scenes.

As the days of summer fly by and we get closer to the “I Have Been Teased” 4 year anniversary showcase, Tease is beginning to buzz with an energy of hard work and dedication that only anticipated performances can stir up.  This coming Monday, the 15th is the deadline for performers to submit their intent to be a part of the showcase – so the studio is filled with the anxious excitement of decisions – to perform or not to perform, choosing the prefect song, thinking about what the best costume would be, putting choreography together and refining every single detail.

curtain call.

Stage fright is very real – whether it’s your first time behind the bright lights, or you’re a seasoned performer….it happens to mostly everyone.  Leading up to the big day, the nerves definitely get more and more raw.  Putting together all of the details of a performance to be perfect is certainly a fantastic obsessive distraction…but there is definitely an awareness of the upcoming performance and anxiety surrounding all of the fears.  To this, there are only a few things that can be said – 1) everyone is in the same position as you and it is perfectly normal (I’d honestly be quite worried if the majority of our showcase performers WEREN’T feeling nervous!) 2) breathe – relax and trust yourself.  You all put an IMMENSE amount of time and detailed energy into your work.  you have this.  3) it might completely suck in the few minutes leading up to your performance – it’s SUPPOSED to, this is your adrenaline building up.  I do promise you, however, that when your music starts and you get into your routine, your endorphins will kick in and you’ll be loving it – by the time you take your well-deserved bow, you will be flying oh so high and will be so, so proud of yourself.

get em, tiger.

lights, camera action.

You’ve put in the blood, sweat and tears & have the stage fright adreneline going strong…the performer before you has just received a roaring applause…and now it’s your turn to show off your hard work.  It’s SO important to have a total blast – but remember you are on stage and are showing the world your unique choreography or freedance…DELIVER.

A few words about stage presence – ladies, ROCK IT, I’m serious.  Fear and concentration tend to take over the face on stage and it can easily send the message of being less than confident in your work, a huge distraction for the audience so eager to watch.  When you’re putting your piece together, put JUST as much energy into deciding on who the character is that you are delivering.  It may be easy to get into a character based on the song – if this isn’t the case, you may need to dust off your notes from acting 101 or watch some amazing examples of performers online to duplicate and use your imagination.  BE intense on stage, it delivers so well.  I would absolutely love to coach any of you with some tips on this if you’re struggling to “go there”.

How about the “what if’s”?  Something doesn’t go as planned – you (gasp?!) forget your choreography – trust your freelance, you practice this like crazy in class, you’ve GOT it!; you don’t hold a trick – so, come out of it early…the audience is WAY impressed and 90% of them don’t know the difference…the other 10% assume it to be a unique variation; so what if things go a little differently on stage than you planned?  This is a LIVE performance, that is the point.  The show must go on, ladies – embrace the rawness of dancing live and rock it despite.

take a bow.

I need to offer a curtsy class.  Can you imagine if Lady Gaga, Britney or Beyonce finished the finale of their show….and walked off without any exit?  If a principal dancer onstage with NYC Ballet didn’t wait for acknowledgement from the audience & just shuffled off stage (ok…if you pull out the LMFAO shuffle MAYBE I’ll count that as an exit!).  The very last taste of the performance would be sour to the audience.  Your bow is OH so important – it’s your final intimate moment with your audience.  Your final delivery of your personality.   Your chance to breathe in the appreciation for your hard work.  Their chance to acknowledge you.  Ladies, EMBRACE this please.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  Available for bow coaching too, but follow these simple steps and you should be able to capture that last moment under the stage lights perfectly:

1) Hold your last pose for a second of two.

2) Take an obvious deep breath.

3) Turn to face the audience, actually look at them – don’t rush this!

4) SMILE.  No matter what your character, show your pearly whites and smile.  You’ve done it.

5) Give them a DEEP bow – whether it’s a true curtsy, a raise and drop of the arm, a large nod of the head, or a spin – go with the bow that you feel comfortable with and really take a couple of moments in it.

6) Look back at and smile again at the audience.

7) Turn to walk off stage confidently.


We’ve got just over a month – and I’m so excited to present to our audience the “I Have Been Teased” 4 year anniversary showcase.  This will be a show to remember.

xo, Jen

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