8.18.11 the wall.


i tease it because… ::

it’s hard to put into words exactly how powerful our back door of the REASONS that we tease it is becoming.  because this blog won’t do it nearly enough justice, i can only hope that you each get to visit it for yourselves.

enveloping myself in the power of the colorful back door is quickly becoming one of my most favorite reasons to enter the studio.  it’s my new source of energy and inspiration.  reading these words is complete bliss for me, better than any cupcake craving i’ve had over the past 7 months.

the wall shows off the teasers strong and unique personalities that i am so lucky to know – with just a sentence or phrase.  it is both raw and humorous.  honest and beautiful.  it includes goals & motivations (who can overlook the picture that virginia posted so that we can have just a little bit more drive every time we change into our fitness gear?!).  setbacks and achievements.

thank you, teasers, for sharing your time and the most personal aspects of your life with us at team tease.  we are beyond blessed.  you are each our “i tease it because…” reasons.

xo, jen.


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