8.4.11 happy birthday to tease


4 years young.

August approached SO quickly this year, 2011 is just flying.  Since opening Tease in 2007, the month of August has meant a great deal to me as it marks Tease’s anniversary.  And how far we’ve come…

The Story of Tease.

I fell in love with pole fitness and was instantly addicted in 2001 when I decided to take a pole class myself.  Attending school in Boulder, I was introduced to a studio called FlashDance studios which was WAY ahead of its time and the pole fitness craze.  The studio meant everything to me.  My outlet.  My workout.  My friends.  This was my zone and I would have moved in if I could have.  The confidence and technical abilities that I received from FlashDance cannot be put into words.  This is where I met Tease instructors Jenna & Virginia!

After FlashDance closed its doors and my life shifted towards Denver, I began to use my technical dance education and fitness certifications to teach classes throughout the Denver area…soon the thought of opening my own studio was realistic.

I can remember the exhilaration of preparing for doors opening at Tease 4 years ago.  The thoughts and plans leading up to it – the questions, wondering if this dream even possible or if it was a crazy thought.  The thought of being able to offer women an atmosphere in which they can love to workout, gain even more personal confidence and make friends for life was what kept me on track.  I found the space at 1111 South Pearl (now home to Tootsies Nail Shoppe)…and committed without looking back.

There hasn’t been a day since that I haven’t put 110% of my energy, heart and soul into Tease!  In the beginning, it meant kicking it all off  - spending sleepless nights painting the walls, learning how to hang poles and mirrors, planning the schedule and spreading the word.  I look back at that first year and think what a CRAZY person I was!  I personally taught every single class at the studio – 6 days a week, up to 3 classes a day after working a 9-5 behind a desk all day.  But it was my baby – and I was already addicted to the concept that I could have a hand in bringing an amazing workout to women…that they just might love and that might just give them a little bit of extra confidence – this was what drove me from the very start.

The studio grew steady that first year as I continued to work relentlessly, the word spread and I eventually hired instructors.  Both Samm and Jenna were two of the first instructors to work at Tease – they each witnessed Tease from the beginning so intimately and personally.  The energy that was building never ceased to amaze me.

In August of 2009, after realizing that we couldn’t fit a chair class of over 12 and seeing the absurdity of Samm’s growing cardio gogo class of over 10 try to dance full out to her famous “Disturbia” (you remember that right ladies!!!) routine in the 1111 South Pearl Street location anymore, we moved 2 doors down into our current home at 1107 South Pearl Street.  And what a wonder the past 2 years have been.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve moved from having a staff of 3 instructors to now 10-14.  Our instructors USED to check clients in at the desk as well but now we are lucky to have an amazing team of receptionists and as of November, 2010 a studio manager.  I am thankful daily for the amazing team of talent that is the force behind Tease.

My role has shifted during the past few years as well.  Although I’m not currently teaching any classes now that I’m almost 7 months pregnant, I typically teach about 5 classes a week instead of them ALL (much better variety for you girls lol!).  I spend my days doing so many things for Tease including thinking up new class concepts, planning events, creating the class schedule, answering correspondence, managing my incredible staff, designing and updating the website and all Tease digital and printed advertisements, networking with other local business owners, planning Tease merchandise, planning monthly and one day sales, all back end of the studio, etc etc.  I’ve learned so much from my baby that is Tease and love every aspect of this job.

Thank you, Teasers.

I want to take a moment to give a virtual hug to everyone who has set foot in the studio and believes in Tease.  It literally would not be possible without your love and support.  You are the inspiration behind my ever-growing vision for Tease and you are the focus for the reason Tease needs to succeed.

I’m so excited to journey into this 5th year with you & discover what is in store for the future of Tease.

xo, Jen





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