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WOAH! it’s been awhile since i’ve posted.  tease life has been go go go for the past month in preparation for the AMAZING i have been teased showcase and looking forward to the fall/winter.  decided to keep things light today in honor of a new shoe order…

the shoes.  to wear them or not?  such a decision amongst teasers lately lol!  i’m updating our web poll this week to be specifically about this subject because i’m curious what the consensus is with our gals & i’ve seen such a split decision with it lately!

i have my very first pair of “dancing” shoes hanging in my locker in the tease basement and i completely smile every time i open the door and see them shining.  they were once gorgeous – a sky blue silk with a shining silver stiletto and silver string to wrap around my ankles.  they were completely unreasonable haha!  i can’t even believe i could walk 3 steps in them without falling, let alone dance in them.  since then my shoe choices have become much more reasonable – but still OH so fun and unique….picking out the perfect dance shoe is such an important process!  they MUST scream your personal dance style and attitude.  they have to accentuate your legs and body type perfectly.  they can’t be slippery on the pole and really…..you must be able to stand up in them!

when i dance in shoes, i just feel sexier.  i’m taller and i like the reflection of my body in the studio mirrors better.  i STRUT instead of walking!  better posture.  more attitude.  i even notice that on days where i plan to wear my shoes to class, i tend to put more into what i’m wearing in general and the makeup i’m wearing….let’s face it ladies, the shoes add that extra element of personal confidence.  it’s the same feeling you get after a spray tan – you just fit into your own skin a tad better.

over the past few months of my dancing, i noticed that i decided to dance barefoot more and more.  part of it was the advanced technical training i was working – i wanted to be careful landing on a 6 inch stiletto.  but more so than that, it just became habit.  and really, when i think about it – i’m so sad to not wear my shoes as often when i dance!  i actually feel a loss for them – as if my dancing is somehow just a little less feminine or empowering because i didn’t take the time to strap on those lovelies.

i know that other members of the team are feeling this way too.  we were so excited to be able to bring back virginia’s “stiletto” (the concept of the class being based on PUT THOSE HOTTIE HEELS BACK ON LADIES!), and roxy star’s sweat & seduction absolutely suggests heels be worn.

i personally have several months ahead of me before i’ll be swinging & inverting again – but when i do, i am OH so looking forward to making a stop by my shoe closet as i head into the studio – picking out my most missed pair and showcasing my tootsies.  i may cheat on them sometimes and go barefoot…but there is just nothing like the feeling of dancing a few extra inches higher.

xo, jen.


teasers, our shoe supply will be RESTOCKED with all of the classic tease choices as of next week – and look forward to our october intro, the pic above (so adorable with the rhinestone bow!).  as always, flip through our catalogues or visit pleaser online – let us know which style you love and we’d be happy to ship it to tease or directly to your door for you.

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