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anyone who knows me post-babe knows that i’m pulled in a million different directions, and the very last person i make time for is myself.  well last thursday i decided that it was time for some true “me” time…so i handed baby kai to dad, put my computer on sleep, turned my phone on silent and headed into MY personal favorite spot to workout (ok i’m a little biased!) and entered into the dance fit space for sultry yoga.

now….it takes a village to get me into the zone of focus on myself lately…so i was immediately aware of how quickly this class erased my mind and allowed me to focus in-ward.  i had such a glorious experience in this class that i decided to interview sarah, sultry yoga’s creator & instructor, so that we could share in a little bit more detail – the concept behind one of my new favorites::

tease clients don’t normally associate a yoga class and tease…tell us why they MUST check out sultry yoga! ::

the ladies of tease must check out sultry yoga because it’s the epitome of what so much of yoga is all about – getting rid of pent up junk and letting loose that confident, strong, gorgeous goddess inside of you.  yes, tease puts a sexy and flirty spin on yoga, but why be super serious whey you’re centering your chi? come see the fun you can have on your yoga mat!

sultry yoga…what makes this class different than any other yoga class around town? ::

sultry yoga is ladies only, with sultry music and dim lights.  we rock out sexy pose transitions, hip circles, hair flips, trailing hands up the legs, kegel work, shoulder dips…we even crawl & roll around on the floor a bit!  we get in plenty of long, lean ab work and take a sweet stretch and surrender at the end of class.

tease clients expect classes that they feel results from WHILE having fun…what kind of workout or rehab can they expect from sultry yoga? ::

sultry yoginis can expect a full-body slow warm up, then some graceful and lean lunges, and take several rounds through a beautiful flow, stretching the body out long in front of the mirror.  we play with arm balance or inversion in each class, then deeply stretch through the hips, heart and legs.  we end class laying in a sweet, blissful relaxation, soaking up what it’s like to have that goddess inside of you permeate every inch of your being.

the classroom environment is so important to any tease class….dish it on the tunes and vibe clients can expect ::

i have SO much fun making the sultry yoga playlists.  my favorite songs on my current playlist are “i just wanna make love to you” by louise hoffsten, “come to me” by mark lanegan, “crave you”by flight facilities, and “the only hand to hold” by prefuse 73.

do i need to be a yoga guru to get through this class? ::

you totally don’t need to be a yoga guru to have a blast and a great workout in sultry yoga!  i’m careful to break down each pose with good safe alignment, then give options to take it deeper if you’d like.

you’ll catch me in sultry yoga!

my personal experience in this class was spa-like in the MUCH needed relaxation it provided for me and refreshing & rehab-oriented in the strength & flexibility workout it gave my bod.  i also have to admit….i caught my reflection in the mirror at one point during class with a HUGE smile on my face…and drove home the entire way like that.  sarah provided a beautiful class energy that was just flirty enough to give it tease flavor without the cheese, yet serious enough to qualify as a workout and pole rehab session that i consider it a part of my weekly routine (and i have to say, it left me longing for more!)
i’m honored to have sarah as a part of team tease and so excited that sultry yoga is a part of our class menu.  i’m telling you teasers, this is a class you don’t want to miss!  AND…as an added bonus – we’ve added this to our happy hour punch card series during the month of october.
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