• What is the parking situation like?

Parking seems to be fairly ample around our studio.  Street parking is available without meters – there is a 2 hour time limit until 6pm Monday through Saturday.  The parking lots surrounding the studio are private and are unfortunately not available for Tease Studio use.

• What should I wear & bring to class?
Totally up to you. Students tend to wear anything from comfy workout attire to cute lingerie pieces – whatever you’re comfortable in! As you get more advanced with pole work, it is encouraged that you wear shorts or booty shorts because skin contact on the pole will help with your technique.  Try bringing a pair of your favorite heels to pole class!  You are not required to wear them and can stay barefoot – but many students prefer them.

Please bring a water bottle with you.  We have filters on our faucets.  We do sell bottled water in our retail boutique.

AS OF OCTOBER 1, 2012 TEASE NO LONGER PROVIDES YOGA MATS FOR CLIENT USAGE.  More and more studios throughout the world are moving in this direction because of sanitary concerns.  Please bring a yoga mat with you to class.  Mats are available for a rental fee of $2/class if you forget yours.

• I’m a beginner – what class should I take?

If you are attending a pole class at tease-studio, we require all new students to take a “pole technique level 1” class, which is offered several times a week.  You will be at this level until you have instructor permission to move up.

If you are checking out any of our many dance fitness classes, feel free to take any of the classes stating “all levels”.

• What is the difference between SPIN pole and STATIC pole?  So confused where to begin!

Spin pole = the pole actually spins on its own once you put your body weight on it.  Static pole = the pole is in a locked position and you use momentum to twirl around the pole.  We recommend beginning with STATIC pole before ever taking a spin pole class.  Once you do decide to begin taking spin pole classes, you will begin at spin pole L1 no matter what level you are at with static pole (if you are at a high technical level, you will probably breeze through the lower spin levels, but there is still new technique and body positioning/awareness to be learned).

• How private is the studio?

Tease-Studio is completely private. Men are not allowed in the studio unless the class says “co-ed” and during parties/performances in which they are invited……the sexy style classes are ladies only!

• Why do I share a pole with other clients?

Many times during your pole classes, you will be sharing a pole with other clients.  We have set up our class size limits to include pole sharing for several reasons.  Pole dance & fitness is a visual artistic expression and sharing a pole helps in the learning process with our instruction methods.  As well, pole sharing allows for us to keep the cost of our specialized instruction & equipment-based classes down to the same price-point as our non-pole classes.  If you are interested in setting up a class that has a maximum of 8 clients, we can setup a private class or workshop with enough interest – if you are interested, please email us for availability and pricing.

• How do I move up to the next level?

You are allowed to move up when you feel 100% comfortable and confident with ALL of the movements in your current level and once your pole level card for your current level is signed off by an instructor.  Please communicate your desire to move up with your instructor and they will guide you, letting you know if you’re ready or what to continue to work on to achieve your goal.

• I would love some class or pole level recommendations.

Confused about which class you should begin with based on your experience or interest?  Have you taken pole classes elsewhere and are not sure what level you should begin with at Tease? Please fill out the below form, we would love to give you some personalized assistance:


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