Instructor | Burlesque, Dance & Fitness

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Miss Monroe

aka Ashlee Morgan Monroe

Miss Monroe aka Ashley Morgan Monroe has always been a performer. From the early age of 3 she started tap dancing and has never looked back. She has never fit the mold and doesn't intend to. At 5'2 she is a petite powerhouse that doesn't limit herself or her students/clients potential.

Even though her calling has always been to perform she has found her love in teaching others the art of movement. Whether it be Health and Wellness with Arbonne, Pilates, Personal Training, Hip Hop or Burlesque she gives it her all and leaves nothing but sweat and compassion on the floor of her classes/performances.

"I want my students to learn something each class. If they don't, I haven't done my job as their movement guide. They should leave with my voice in their head and an empowerment that transcends into other areas of their lives. I'm compassionate about their journey and really do care about each and every person's path. Pilates keeps me grounded and Burlesque helps me explore. At the end of the day I am many things...-I am a sister, daughter, wife to the love of my life, mother to my mini twin, teacher, Consultant with Arbonne International, professional mover and artist. If I wasn't all these things I wouldn't be doing me. Let me help you reach/see your full potential! Come take class with me and learn to speak/move with your truth!" -Miss Monroe