Instructor | Liquid Motion, Pole & Fitness

I had been hearing about this great studio in Denver for some time so when my job changed to Broomfield I got myself there!!!!. Ashlee, the studio owner welcomed me with open arms, interested in my background and a great big smile.

I was so excited about being in this warm and inviting environment. My first class was a fun-filled cardiovascular & all-body workout, “HipHop Cardio” and I couldn’t wait for the next class. So I know what it’s like to be a student, unsure of yourself, who grows into a strong confident pole fitness student!!! Tease has enabled me to improve in my other forms of fitness, reach personal goals & meet wonderful men & women from all over the world & all walks of life who cheer you on.

I am originally from Brooklyn, NY and have been in Colorado since 2003. I come from a dance and fitness background & after moving became a fitness instructor. By day, I’m a Project Manager in the corporate world. Nothing I had tried as a student or instructor gave me the strength, toning and above all confidence that I have achieved through pole fitness. The programs are developed for everyone – no dance background required and before you know it, you are doing amazing things on and off the pole!!!

As well as teaching pole fitness with 3 Elevated certifications, I’m also a certified group fitness instructor, certified to teach Liquid Motion 1&2, Insanity, Pound Workout and a variety of Zumba fitness programs. I was so honored when asked to join the Tease staff. Grateful to be part of an amazing staff and above all fulfilling a part of the students’ lives. The best part of my day is seeing someone nail a trick or spin they had been working on or to see a student growing confident working on a chair routine or floor movement. Their smile or cheer of excitement is what this studio is about.