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Rheal (not fake!) considers Tease to be her second home although many may argue it's her first home since she spends more time there than anywhere but work. In 2017, Rheal begin taking aerial classes then transitioned to pole dancing after moving to Denver in September. Since she was new to the city and didn't have a job, Tease was what she did with herself and where she made friend. By the time she found a job, the addition had already set in.

You can find Rheal working at the Centennial location on Saturdays at taking classes almost every other day. PSO Mountain in 2018 was Rheal's first pole competition; she did a Ruth Bader Ginsberg tribute piece that brought home the gold. In addition to pole, Rheal practices lyra with her aerial wife Sarah Paul and has been busy translating chair dance onto a recently acquired walker. Her unathletic passions include murder (podcasts, books, documentaries), thrifiting for costumes, and cooking deliciously unhealthy vegan food.