Pole & Liquid Motion

Abbey got started with pole dancing in 2017 after a painful disc bulge injury that she got from just existing. After a lot of physical therapy, the big takeaway for her was that movement keeps her body happy (or at least less grumpy). Tease, happened to be super close to her old place and the workouts looked like so much fun. Thus, a pole dancer was born! After training consistently at Tease, and falling in love with the community, she decided to apprentice through the studio to become an instructor.

After training pole for a good while, she decided to check out Liquid Motion. The two kinds of movement became her absolute favorites at Tease. It only made sense for her to get certified to teach Level 1 Liquid motion as well. She is so grateful now that she gets to teach her favorite kinds of movement regularly in such a positive atmosphere. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing the growth in students- both in their skill as well as in their confidence.