Instructor | Pole, Dance & Fitness

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Harper (Hillary for the muggles) found Tease Studio in the most random way, through working at an indoor gun range. The only female in the place, she was tasked with signing up the range for Groupon, and thus signed up for Groupon herself. One fateful day a coupon for a pole dancing class came across her email. She sat on it for months, but couldn't bring herself to delete it. One huge breakup later, she got the courage to take her first class and was immediately hooked. She went from self-proclaimed couch potato to actually wanting to go to the gym, amazing.

Fast forward 10 years later and Harper now teaches at the studio she started at. One change of ownership, three different locations, over a dozen competitions and countless pairs of Pleasers later, she loves the studio and the people more than ever and it is a dream come true to be a part of others pole journeys and watch the magic when someone nails a trick for the first time. She teaches intermediate and advanced pole and the immensely popular sexy choreo class "slightly stripped."

When she's not teaching pole, she owns and operates Full Afterburner Calzones with her husband Ben (everyone should have a muggle sigo that actively supports pole dancing, it's the best), plays harp in two local orchestras, enjoys mostly failing at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and takes way too many pictures of her two ridiculous cats.