Instructor | Pole

Vakiesha Wimberly is a Fitness Professional and Pole Athlete with over a decade of experience as a Trainer/ Group Exercise Instructor (2007), Pole Competitor (2010), and Performer (2011). Vakiesha is best known as "Skittles Pole Dancer '' in the pole world and is considered to be one of the "Pole Fitness OG's". She made her mark placing in some of the first Pole Fitness Competitions held in the United States. She is a United States Pole Dance Federation (USPDF) Professional Pole Athlete, XPert International Instructor Trainer, and holds several fitness & pole certifications.

When she is not flying through the air and helping people reach new aerial heights, she is helping people create their best life by breaking old patterns and limiting beliefs in her "day work" as a Certified Life Coach and Addictions Specialist.

Her favorite apparatuses are currently Fly Pole, FabPole (fabric pole), and Lollipop which combine the worlds of Aerial & Pole. Her teaching focus is all about developing a solid foundation for clean technique, form, and strength. She teaches all pole levels.

Skittles became a part of Team Tease after a short break from pole in 2016 thanks to much appreciated pressure from Tease Studio owner, Ashlee to return.